About me

I grew up in Sundsvall Sweden and now live on Alnön in a quiet and nice area, close to nature with my beloved Christina and in other words in the middle of the country.

We are advisers sometimes together but also individually.

We have different educations / experiences to help you find harmony and balance in life.

I work daily with continuous improvements and this includes coordination of maintenance issues such as preventative maintenance, business development, by performing criticality analyzes, analyzing operational safety and using the right foundation and honest preventative maintenance measures and handling spare parts that are important for safe work. and a reliability we agree on.

I am also active in the wellness sector and by informing about products / services that help you to a better lifestyle, with something I did not at all think I would work with a few years ago.

Wellness is a prerequisite for the development of an organization, a group or an individual and is a basic resource that influences people's quality of life, living conditions and life situation.

Through our way of life we ​​can promote our health, cure our imbalances and thus prevent the majority of imbalances that in turn benefit both individual, group and organization.

We who work with these know that the more planned actions we take, the less surprises and unplanned problems will come.

Common to this is to create the best possible accessibility (life) and minimize downtime (various symptoms and ailments) to get a good return (exchange of time) on capital.

I have worked with technology and various service functions all my life and see a future that is constantly changing.

Here I present some of my experiences and what I have worked with and hope to share with you to give you added value and profitability.

Experience of installation management, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Construction / documentation work.Environment / Protection and security issues as safety representative, project manager.

Business development. 


Network marketing.

By Your Side on innovation issues and active in the inventor's association.

I want to inspire people to live their dreams.

And to build a thriving life and business on their unique talents and abilities.

We are on a mission to help you make a decision and by believing in and belonging you will become !

If you want to become part of our vision of spreading wellness and harmony by inspiring people, contact me for more information.

Contact me: +46767888494 info(at)jensbystrom.se